Your 'Peace of Mind' while travelling, be it for leisure with your family or business, is of utmost importance to us.

Don't let unplanned events such as trip cancellation or travel delays spoil your plans. 'Before, During and After...' travel insurance takes care of your travel concerns while you are on your business or holiday travels.

Tune Protect Commercial Brokerage LLC (Tune Protect) is a facilitator of travel insurance. With the help of our local insurance partners in the region, we are able to customize SMART travel insurance plans to suit your and your family’s travel insurance needs.

Tune Protect travel insurance products are available throughout the network of authorized travel business partners such as airline and travel management companies in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan with 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance as well as instant cover and extensive multi-cover protection where ever you travel to.

The various travel insurance plans facilitated by Tune Protect on behalf of its strategic insurance partners cover the cost of worldwide medical emergencies, lost baggage or baggage delay, emergency evacuation, and provides many other benefits that protects your best interest while you are on the move.

Our latest addition in providing safety during your travel insurance is the Travel Assurance Plan which further enables you and your family 'Peace of Mind' while travelling either on business or leisure 'Before During and After...'. The Travel Assurance plans have been customized to meet your travel safety needs, with value adds such as Home Away Protection and Compassionate visit. We also have an Annual Travel Insurance plan with unlimited travel. Most of our Travel Assurance plans are meant for Schengen countries. Contact your local Travel Management or Travel Agent to get more information on the products facilitated by Tune Protect through its local insurance partners.

Tune Protect, is a facilitator of online travel insurance via its strategic partnership with Tune Protect Re Ltd and its affiliated insurance partners. Established in 2014, Tune Protect strives to become the leading digital insurance provider in MENA, offering unique value proposition to clients and business partners through its avant-garde approach and robust use of digital technology.



A TEAM OF EXPERTScovering all facets of facilitating online travel insurance
process with a refreshing approach.

We have a geographically diverse presence within the region and we maintain business relations with insurance companies in over 50 countries. We provide round the clock global emergency assistance services globally for their clients through our international assistance network, in each dedicated languages.

Tune Protect strives to achieve the ideal business model by connecting all parties i.e. our network of business partners, insurers and reinsurers.

We collaborate and facilitate through various Hospitality, Aviation, Travel and Tourism companies, offering our most comprehensive range of customized travel insurance and assistance programs through them to you.

Through our partnership with Tune Protect Re Ltd, we partner with like-minded insurance companies who share our values and our approach to business and customers. Our insurance underwriters or partners understand the local market and global travel business dynamics.


AN EXPERIENCED TEAM with hands-on experience working with Hospitality,
Aviation, Travel & Tourism professionals and building a business

Tune Protect, through its partnership with Tune Protect Re Ltd located in Malaysia, comprises of young and dynamic minds that are passionate about travel and other insurance businesses. Each member is trained to understand the industry requirements underlined by respective insurance underwriters, producing a highly capable, diversified and experienced working team.

In 2014, Tune Protect insured 8 million clients internationally.


  • Shared publicly - 2 November 2015
    Tune Protect partners with Sharjah Aviation Services to offer Baggage Assurance by Hala
  • Shared publicly - 10 October 2015
    Tune Protect Introduces Lifestyle & Family Assurance for International Travellers
  • Shared publicly - 3 September 2015
    Tune Protect Collaborates with iRiskcorp
  • Shared publicly - 13 August 2015
    Tune Protect partners with Dadabhai Travel
  • Shared publicly - 1 July 2015
    Tune Protect Partners with AMA Assistance to launch region's online travel insurance portal
  • Shared publicly - 1 June 2015
    Tune Protect partners with Alfalah Insurance Company Ltd to offer travel insurance in Pakistan

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